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Deb Peretz, PhD



Are you living up to your potential?

Are you aligned with your life's purpose? How can you tell? How can you ensure you stay on track? I'd like to share a simple, accessible coaching strategy that is also powerful and transformative. I call it Coaching with the Moon.

Most of us are already attuned to the moon in one way or another. Whether we sense the magic and mystery of the New Moon or stand enchanted by the majesty of the Full Moon, we usually notice its coming and goings through the sky at night. Each month it waxes and wanes, disappears and is born anew. Like clockwork. In fact, long ago, humans based their calendars on the moon and scheduled their lives by accordingly.


We may have digital calendars and atomic time today, but we can still use the monthly cycle of the moon to navigate our lives. Getting to your best life takes work. We need to create new habits that support our goals while doing the hard work to release old habits and limiting beliefs that impede our development.

In this FREE webinar I'll show you how lunar phase coaching can help you do it.

What You'll Learn In This Webinar

What is lunar phase coaching?

How can the moon help you identify and release limiting beliefs?

How can the moon keep you accountable to fulfilling your potential?

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About Your Host, Deb Peretz, PhD 

Dr. Deb Peretz is a karmic success coach for entrepreneurs. With her secret sauce of evolutionary astrology, she’ll show you how to grow your business with less stress and overwhelm and more abundance and joy. 

Her clients frequently use words like “wow”, “incredible” and “amazing” following a karmic astrology session. Deb will help you integrate your business passion project into your karmic journey and transform your life.

With her extensive background in adult learning and mindset she has an arsenal of brain hacks that will help you achieve your goals in your business and life.

When she’s not helping clients transform their lives by aligning with their soul purpose, Deb is writing. Her first book on astrology for entrepreneurs is coming out later this year.

What People Say About Deb Peretz, PhD

I had the honor to work with Deb, and all I can say is, wow! I wasn't even aware that karmic astrology coaching exists. And I can tell you, what a journey! Really amazing. If you have the opportunity to work with her, I highly recommend you do. She is wonderful to work with. She knows her stuff, and she will guide you so that each step you take is aligned with who you are and the purpose you came here for.

Christine Schlonski, Creator of Heart Sells! Members' Community, Host of Heart Sells! Podcast

I have been working with Deb for 2 months now. I have more clients coming in which is wonderful. I am doing what I love. So much has changed in my personal life as well. She understands business, marketing, and how to promote. The bonus part about having Deb as a coach is that she uses her Intuitive gifts. She sensed exactly what I needed to focus on. Her insights are incredible and have saved me time and energy.

Mary A. Holistic Healer

If I could give Deb more stars, I would. Working with Deb is something, if you are thinking of doing it, please do it. She is amazing, and I never thought my entire life could be reevaluated in just a few sessions. She has tools that are so unique and you will not find anywhere else. She changed my life for the better, and I am grateful for all of the insights and re-focusing I gained through working with her. She is a true gem, and I gained so much in such a short time. You will too.

Lauren H, San Francisco, CA

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