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Planets and profit show

Planets & Profit Podcast

Business Astrology for Entrepreneurs. Learn about the power of astrology for business through engaging interviews with women entrepreneurs. Video and Podcast.

New Moon Meditation

Monthly New Moon Meditation

Join me each month for a FREE group meditation on the New Moon. It's a magical time of the month where you can set intentions for the next 2 years.

Coaching with astrology

Coaching with Astrology and More

I offer a variety of coaching programs in groups and individually. I also offer astrological readings. Click to learn more.


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About Deb Peretz, PhD

Karmic Success Coach

I specializing in helping women entrepreneurs grow a business and live a life they love. With my secret sauce of evolutionary astrology, I’ll show you how to grow your business with less stress and overwhelm and more abundance and joy while clearing out karmic baggage and limiting beliefs. 

My PhD in education has given me in-depth knowledge in cognitive and positive psychology, focusing on how adults think, learn and grow. I have an arsenal of brain hacks that will help you achieve your goals in your business and life.

Deb Peretz
Deb Peretz, PhD

5 Stars. If I could give Deb more stars, I would. Working with Deb is something, if you are thinking of doing it, please do it. She is amazing, and I never thought my entire life could be reevaluated in just a few sessions. She has tools that are so unique and you will not find anywhere else. She changed my life for the better, and I am grateful for all of the insights and re-focusing I gained through working with her. She is a true gem, and I gained so much in such a short time. You will too.

Lauren, Social Worker

 I have been working with Deb for 2 months now. I have more clients coming in which is wonderful. I have my priorities in place. I am doing what I love. So much has changed in my personal life as well. Emotionally I am feeling centered, happy, and calm. There is definitely more light and clarity.  With sincerity and confidence, Deb guides you. She understands business, marketing, and how to promote. She understands LIFE and that we all tend to get stuck sometimes. The bonus part about having Deb as a coach is that she also "tunes in "She uses her Intuitive gifts and listens. She sensed exactly what I needed to focus on. Her insights are incredible and have saved me time and energy. I am greatly expanding my creative side because of it. Deb encourages success on the soul level, as well as the business level. Your true calling and talents become clear...She has integrity and very high standards and will expect the same from you. I love her practical tips and inside information on things. I highly recommend the services of Deb Peretz PhD. Not only will your business pick up and grow as mine has, but you will as well! Thank you Deb, for all the gifts you bring to your sessions. Your work is amazing!

Mary,  Energy Healer

I would wholeheartedly recommend Deb's coaching to anyone looking to make changes to their life. Deb's approach truly is unique and Deb herself is wonderful. She is incredibly knowledgeable and well versed in a variety of modalities, topics and techniques. Deb is genuinely passionate about what she does and extremely attuned and attentive to her clients.

Ellen, Social Worker

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